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“A [dead] body immersed in water is … “

Jared Thompson, a post-doctoral exercise scientist at the University of Grantville’s Human Performance Laboratory, appears to have everything going for him - an impressive publishing record, excellent scientific skills, and a beautiful girlfriend. Unfortunately for Jared, he also has a keen eye for noticing unlikely occurrences.

As the local community encounters a series of gruesome murders, Jared notices that several of his research subjects are experiencing unusual feelings of aggression. As the murders continue, so do Jared’s observations. In particular, he detects that one of his lab colleagues has been exhibiting off-the-scale signs of rage with unusual muscle gain.

When Jared confronts his mentor, the prominent Dr. Ray Jackson, regarding his suspicions, he’s told that he’s letting his analytic mind get the best of him. As Jared settles and resumes his research on nutritional supplements, body composition and fitness, he asks himself several questions: Could he be jumping to conclusions? Could his colleague be involved in the local murders? Or, is something more horrific at play?


Author Bio

Frank Starling has a PhD in Human Performance with over 20 years’ experience teaching college students and conducting research. He has published more than 50 journal articles spanning the areas of exercise science, public health, and applied statistics. Archimedes’ Principle is his first novel. Frank Starling lives in Western United States with his family. He is currently working on a new novel.


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